Giant dog meets tiny puppy for the first time, and the results are hilarious

Bernese Mountain dog and puppy

Teddy, a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, looks like a giant stuffed animal with a lovely black, brown, and white coat. Today, the gentle giant is introduced to a new puppy.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The puppy lies on the bed as Teddy approaches. The Bernese jumps on the bed and immediately sniffs the puppy to see who this little ball of fur is.

The two dogs continue to sniff around each other to get acquainted. The puppy tries to lick Teddy right away, but the Bernese isn’t ready for affection just yet.

Bernese Mountain dog and puppy

Teddy wants to sniff the puppy from head to toe several times before deciding if the puppy is okay. The Bernese gives a couple “hugs” with his neck as the puppy easily fits under his chin.

The two dogs lie next to each other, getting more comfortable with the other. The puppy still really wants to give kisses. Teddy smushes the puppy’s head a bit, still not ready for a kiss.

Bernese Mountain dog and puppy

Teddy gets a little sleepy and gives a big yawn. The puppy sees his opening and tries to lick Teddy as he opens his mouth. The big dog gently lays his paws on the puppy to settle him.

Teddy’s human gives him the thumbs up, and the big dog lies his head down next to the puppy. It’s clear these two dogs will soon be best friends and have many years of lounging together.

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