Giant Saint Bernard And Tiny Shih Tzu Are The Best Friends Ever!

Dogs can forge the greatest friendships. Among the most notable of them is their friendship with man. Man, and dogs have a very long history together. There are dogs that have been through quite a rough time and are still able to make friends. They are still able to socialize. There are no evil breeds of dog, there are just evil owners sometimes. Cats and dogs have been alleged enemies for a long time. We have seen quite a lot of videos of dogs and cats playing around.

They really enjoy their company. They really like to do things together. They can be rough with each other at times, but they’re just playing playful. There are times that cats are even a little bit meaner to dogs. Many dogs accommodate to that because they understand the difference in size. Especially if it’s a large dog or certain breeds of dogs are aware of what they can do.

Dogs can also be friends with other species such as large cats. There was a scientist who was studying the wildlife and he had a Labrador. His Labrador would go with him everywhere he went. He had set up camp along with his wife and they were analyzing the migration patterns of tigers in the wild. Tigers are very large animals and they are very difficult to study. First, because of their striped pattern they can go noticed even in plain sight. One day when he was scouting the area he noticed an abandoned Tiger cub. He went up to her and she discovered it was probably a few weeks old.

He decided to take the Tiger cub back home. He was there for just a couple of years and he managed to help her grow and then released her back. The problem is, the Tiger didn’t want to leave. She had gotten so used to him that she would return every day and spent most of the day in the camp. His dog would play with the Tiger every now and then. Of course, he would be a little scared that something might happen.

Dogs can, of course, be best friends with other dogs. The problem is when the size difference is just a little bit too much to bear. Sometimes the bigger dog can be a little bit rough with the small dog and can injure him. Such is the case of a pair of best friends who have grown together since the smaller one got adopted. They are a St. Bernard and a Shi Tzu.

And their names are Blizzard and Lulu. St. Bernard is a massive dog and Lulu is so little. When she was adopted they were afraid that Blizzard might sit on her. Fortunately, they were wrong. There have been best friends for quite a while. Lulu even likes to hitch a ride on blizzard’s back quite often. When she’s up there she can get the best views. They love to go sightseeing every day. And the pictures where they appear… Simply breathtaking.