Giant Shark Attacks It’s Way Into Diver’s Cage. Caught On Video

Many of us feel uncomfortable or nervous whenever we are in the ocean. Experts and experienced professionals tell us that as long as we know what we are doing there is nothing to fear, but that still doesn’t calm us down. The rational parts of our brains tell is that the odds of anything bad happening to us in the ocean are incredibly low, but this doesn’t comfort us nearly as much as we’d like it to.

Whenever I am out in the ocean, I continually reassure myself with the facts and statistics, telling myself that the odds of a shark attack are almost nonexistent, but this video makes me wonder if I was really right to think that.

There are specialized professionals who use specialized equipment in these types of scenarios. That equipment is designed to do one thing: keep people safe. So imagine the horror when this giant great white shark was able to attack its way into the very thing that was supposed to keep it out.

I found this video terrifying. Be warned that if you or any friends watch this, you may need to stay away from the ocean for awhile. I know I will be staying on the beach and far away from water.

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