Giant Waves Crash On Cruise Ship, Passenger’s Captured Footage Is Now Giving Everyone Chills

Most of us have thought about going on a voyage across the vast waters, docking on different ports in different countries that have beautiful sites to behold. Maiden or otherwise, we often fancy it being the most beautiful experience chiefly because we envision it to be a series of invaluable experiences with remarkable moments which are second to none. We think of it as a nice way to escape life’s hassles, stresses and even responsibilities. Shifting between enjoying the fantastic meals and soothing music below deck to swimming or basking in the sun on deck, no one can blame you for harboring such fantasies.

However, when the forces of nature display their ugly side, you simple can’t predict how bad it can get. Regardless of your choice means of transport, Mother Nature can outthink the weatherman’s carefully thought-out forecasts. The featured video was taken by a man from the “belly” of a huge cruise ship. He, I presume, a well-seasoned musician, is tasked with entertaining travelers with his feel-good tunes. At first, he shows us the beautiful breath-taking waters which are the calmest you’ll ever see. But on the flipside, what we see is an irony I’m yet to understand: the sea turns wild.

The once peaceful waters turn turbulent with rough eddies, currents and waves hitting hard against the vessel’s hull. With 120 miles per hour winds, the video certainly gives you the heebie jeebies. The waves amplitude were so tall that they constantly crashed against his window so much that at certain times, the vessel looked partially submerged in the water. A few moments later, as he walks into the halls, his posture when walking shows just how much the ship had titled as a result of the raging waves.

Now that must have been one huge storm. What emotions are evoked when watching this video? Share it with your friends and feel free to leave your comments below.