Giant Wolf Doesn’t Hide His Enthusiasm When He Meets A Little German Shepherd Pup

As everyone knows, dogs and wolves share a common ancestor through an extinct wolf lineage that lived thousands of years ago. And though wolves may look big and scary, especially if you meet one by surprise when turning a corner, if you manage to form a strong bond with them, they are just huge fluffy dogs.

Not many of us know this, but just like dogs, wolves have been used for therapy as well. It can be an extremely powerful thing to look into a wolf’s eyes, like something has touched you deep in your soul. And they are just as fluffy as the most ruffleable of service dogs.

Dogs are capable of making friends with almost everyone. I am sure you have seen videos where they get along with creatures like cats, horses, and even giant elephants. This gentle wolf was not an exception.

But we don’t think the brave and playful 10 week old cutie in the video below was worrying too much about therapy! He just wanted a good old roll around with a playmate.

The puppy’s charm worked on him. This 7 year old wolf is called Smokey and he is 137 lbs. The tiny puppy is only 20lbs! When they go head-to-head with one another, the cuteness level rises to unbelievable heights. Their precious little sparring contest is going to make you smile!

Watch the cute clip below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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