Gifted 11-Year-Old Performs Emotional Cover of Andra Day’s “Rise Up”

There are specific songs that can make us feel a jolt of energy or a twinkle or inspiration. These tunes can make you want to be a better person, chase after your dreams, or seek justice for those who are often oppressed.

Andra Day’s song “Rise Up” is all about coming together and fighting through the darkness to come out the other side stronger. The inspiring song is more moving when a talented 11-year-old girl sings it for the world to hear.

Liamani has performed on television shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Little Big Shots, and even America’s Got Talent. Now, this young singer is spreading joy by uploading videos to her Youtube channel.

Even though she’s not even a teenager yet, Liamani says as she starts the flawless cover, “ I feel like a lot of need to hear this message. Can I please let you know that although times are tough, I know that we will all get through this, and we will rise up.”