She Gifts This Gorilla A Stuffed Monkey, But What She Did With It Is Precious

This internet’s favourite gorilla, Koko, was the first non-human to keep a pet that we know of. She was also made famous by her ability to learn sign language and communicate very effectively using it. And now, this intelligent creature wants a baby of her own as you will see in this next video.

According to Koko’s trainer, Francine ‘Penny’ Patterson, Koko is able to understand more than 1,000 signs and approximately 2,000 English words. Through this learned communication skill, Koko has been telling her trainers that she wanted to raise a baby gorilla and have a large family of her own. She obviously has a strong maternal instinct. Helping Koko adopt a baby and some female companions to complete a family group with her male companion, Ndume, thus became one of the Gorilla Foundation’s primary initiatives.

In this video, you can observe Koko adopting a baby doll and nursing it as a real baby. According to her trainer, there is a great possibility of Koko teaching her baby to sign, creating exciting possibilities for new avenues of interspecies communication research. Koko is turning out to be an Internet sensation because of her amazing ability to communicate with humans. This leads scientists to ask what else is possible within the gorilla community. Koko is a trailblazer for these incredible creatures.

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