Girl discovers the truth about Santa, proceeds to write a hilariously nasty letter to her parents

There are times when you have a problem or are angry with someone and the thing to do is write a strongly-worded letter. That’s certainly what a 10 year-old girl named Belle did when her parents confessed that Santa Claus isn’t real. All her life she’d thought that her Christmas wishes had been fulfilled by Kris Kringle himself with the assistance of elves and reindeer. But recently, other kids had been telling her that presents really came from parents, not the jolly old elf up at the North Pole. Finding out that the whole thing was a hoax was more than she could handle.

So Belle wrote her parents a strongly-worded letter. It began, “You have no idea what you just did” and went on to rant about the betrayal. “Is the Easter Bunny real? How about the Tooth Fairy? You just ruined a 10 year-old child’s LIFE. Thanks.” Clearly, the metaphysical foundation of her mental world had been shattered beyond repair. She capped off the note with several hand-drawn middle-finger emoji!

When they read the note, Belle’s parents cracked up laughing but didn’t want her to know it. As her mom recalled,”We had to move to the bathroom to have a good laugh before we talked to her about the note.” Belle was given that talking-to and within an hour had recovered her composure. In fact, she got back in the holiday spirit. “We spoke to her about the magic of Santa and how he lives in her heart. She now knows that it’s her duty to be part of Santa’s team and to help others believe and spread the magic of Christmas.”

We’ve posted a video about this hilarious incident below. In it, you’ll see the entire strongly-worded and utterly hilarious letter.

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