Girl Wasn’t Allowed a Horse, So She Trained Her COW in Dressage

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. And that’s what this 15-year-old German girl did when her parents told her they were unable to give her a horse she so badly wanted.

You see, Regina really wanted a horse so she could do show jumping, but when her parents said no, she decided to teach one of the family cows instead. A cow? Yes, she decided to teach show jumping to a cow.


This wasn’t an easy feat by any means. Regina definitely has a challenge ahead of her, by her own admission. Though it is surprising how much she has been able to teach her cow since she started.

Even the neighbors are surprised when they see Regina riding her cow. And while there is certainly a novelty to it, Regina is quite happy indeed with her bovine buddy, who is surprisingly learning to jump. What next? The moon? I guess if you can teach a cow to jump, your opportunities are endless.

Girl Wasn\'t Allowed a Horse, So She Trained Her COW in Dressage