Girl gets a gift from stepmother and gives her an amazing thank you

Finding exactly the right present for someone close to your heart isn’t always easy. Sure, it’s easy to just go to a store and buy something, anything, whatever is at hand. But there’s no substitute for a genuinely thoughtful and personal gift: it shows you care and made an effort to show it.

This is surely what Brigitte had in mind when she threw a party for her step-daughter Haley: “Today we surprised my step-daughter with a adoption party to give her her the adoption papers. We had been pursuing the court system for five years to gain permanent custody. After a long journey, I filed for adoption and one year later it was approved. The judge put in capital letters that it was in Haley’s best interest to be adopted by me her step mom, or like she called me Super Mom. This is the second time I have been blessed with an adoption. I am a mother of two amazing girls and couldn’t be prouder of them both.”

Brigitte’s video of her step-daughter Haley getting her presents is posted below. It has a funny beginning, with the girl demanding to know, “Why am I the center of attention? Is this why you’ve been talking and saying, ‘Close the door!’ and keep on whispering?” The friends and relatives who were in the know laughed heartily when they heard that! First, Haley was given a gift bag: there was a stuffed animal and a necklace with a locket that she really seemed to appreciate. Then Brigitte handed her a certificate and asked her to read it aloud: the court finds it in the best interest, etc., etc. When Haley realized what it meant, she burst into tears of joy and hugged her saying simply but profoundly, “I love you, mom.”

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