Girl Gets Surprise Birthday Kitten, Our Hearts Grow 3 Sizes! Her Reaction Is Purr-fect!

Six-year-old Brooklyn had told her parents that she really, really wanted a cat for her birthday; but they’d said not now…

Imagine how utterly floored she was then when she opened her present on her special day to find a darling little kitten staring back at her.

Brooklyn’s mom works in a veterinary hospital. And that’s the perfect way to find a surprise cat, particularly if say, there’s an emergency c-section and all but two kittens out of a litter of six pass away. And, say, one of those kittens is healthy, but the other one has a weak heart.

The kitten, eight weeks old when Brooklyn turned six, became the greatest surprise present ever, and remains a happy and healthy member of the family. And they say happy endings are hard to come by.

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