Whoa! When This Girl Receives Special Present, She Mistakes The Gift For Something Else!

Most kids want to have their own dog while growing up. However, the girl featured here seems to have wanted another type of animal all together… But as soon as she realizes what she really got, you can see the love in her eyes!

When the girl receives a special box on Christmas day she is excited. The box isn’t wrapped up and appears to be housing a pet of some kind. When she opens the box she sees the small adorable animal inside….

At first she thinks that her gift is a hamster or guinea pig. Although, she does tell her mother in delight that the hamster looks like a dog! Her mother then explains to the young girl with laughter in her voice that this is a puppy! After having this cleared up the little girl is completely over the moon and adores her new best friend forever.

The girl is then asked by her mother what she intends to name her new companion and the girl answers, “Ellie”! Perhaps Ellie and the girl had a bit of a misunderstanding during their first meeting, but they soon became the very best of friends! https://youtu.be/CuiayxvMYM8