Girl is posing in mirror, but busts out adorable dances moves a split second later

Dancing seems to come naturally to kids. Perhaps it’s an instinctively kinetic way to express emotions and respond to music. Dance is also a great way for kids to develop physical coordination and confidence. It can also be an excellent form of exercise and perhaps a way to begin a lifelong habit of healthy living. Dance gives children an opportunity to develop social skills and overcome excessive shyness and anxiety by bringing an awareness of themselves and others in a fun, creative context.

As they say, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but backward and in heels. In the video posted below, you’ll see a little girl put on a pair of heels and bust out some dance moves. Her preferred style is flamenco.

Flamenco comes to us from southern Spain and it’s a style that embraces an entire universe of singing, guitar playing, hand clapping, finger snapping, and of course, dancing. Flamenco dance conveys intense emotions and is characterized by the dancer’s proud bearing, expressive arm movements, and rhythmic foot stamping. The modern style of flamenco features very fast but also very precise footwork as well as the use of props like shawls, fans, and castanets. Doing it well requires years of practice. In fact, purists insist that youngsters lack the emotional maturity the dance demands and therefore don’t expect a flamenco dancer to hit his or her peak until after age 30.

The little girl you’ll see practicing her dance moves won’t be hitting her peak flamenco years for quite some time yet. It’s also going to be awhile before those shoes fit! Still, she’s off to a good start and more importantly, seems to be having a good time.

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