Girl Records’ Despacito’ Dance – She Has No Clue Granddad’s Behind Her

It’s impossible not to smile as you watch this little girl dancing to the Luis Fonsi hit ‘Despacito’ featuring Justin Bieber. Just as she gets into the swing of things, her grandpa dancing along in the background throws her off.

Here’s a granddad that knows how to groove with his granddaughter. Every time she turns her back to carry on his video dance routine to ‘Despacito,’ her loving granddad joins in on the fun. No amount of protesting is going to stop that happy senior.

Even though he has to sneak them in, his dance moves are amazing. It just takes a few tries for this grandad to mimic his little one perfectly. Imagine what he’d dance like if he wasn’t sneakily grooving in the background.

What a wonderful sight it is to see these two having fun. Now that’s family spirit. From the hilarious protests, time and time again to the happy grandpa pretending to clean every time he is caught, this is a clip that’s sure to make you smile.

Girl Records\' Despacito\' Dance - She Has No Clue Granddad\'s Behind Her