Girl Starts Pouring Water But… Keep An Eye On Her Little Bird Bird Friend. Where You Expecting THAT?!

When it comes to animals, we are in love. We simply adore animals and just can’t get enough of them. We devour as much information about them as possible and crave even more. In addition to learning as much as we can about them we also love to watch animal videos.

If we’re being truly honest with ourselves we can admit that we watch animal videos on a fairly regular basis. What can we say? They make us happy and literally puts us in a better mood after watching them, so we’re going to keep on doing just that!

There are some animals in particular that we especially love to watch. Pets seem to be the big favorite, they are the animals that we see in person the most as well. Dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses are very popular but there is one animal that is rapidly growing in popularity, birds!

Birds are quickly becoming a household favorite and so more and more bird videos are popping up online. That is how we came across this adorable video. This video below features a little Lorikeet bird named Lori. Lori absolutely loves the sound of water pouring into a glass and so his owner likes to do this for him as often as possible. We promise you will just fall in love with Lori after watching this video!

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