“Little Girl Literally Steals the Show at Dance Recital, Watch What She Does! OMG!”

Parents love to tape their kids in dance recitals.  But while filming this one no doubt no parent expected to see this little girl to actually steal the show.

This was suppose to no doubt be a simple tap routine.  The little girls all in a line doing the same steps in tune.  But keep an eye on the girl featured here.  She doesn’t stay in step with the other girls.  Why, who knows maybe she forgot the steps, maybe she got so wrapped up in the music that she got carried away or maybe she was determine to steal the show to be the center of attention.  Well,, even if the last one wasn’t her intention she certainly did achieve it as the audience seem to react to her improvised performance.  Do have to hand it to her fellow dancers, they didn’t follow suit, or even crack a smile at her antics.  No, they kept right on concentrating on their routine at hand, regardless of what this young lady was doing.

Have to wonder how their dance teacher reacted after the fact.  Well, hey maybe she went easy on the girl after all, she did help to make the routine more memorable.  Anyway, who knows what this girls future could be in dance, but one thing is certain the older she becomes the more she will be expected to stick the routine and not improvise as she did here. https://youtu.be/qXowYIZpYpo If you like this little girl’s antics let us know by commenting below.