Girls in Tutus Perform Dance to “You Raise Me Up” at Church

There are very few things that are as wholesome and delightful as watching a child perform a choreographed dance number while wearing a tutu. Not only is it adorable, but the fact that these little tikes can memorize dance moves is impressive.

In an endearing video posted on Youtube, we see eight girls in black leotards and colorful tutus in front of their congregation. As the piano notes to Josh Groban hit worship song “You Raise Me Up,” begins, the girls begin to twirl around.

In an area of Nigeria that has over 150 parishes, these little girls stand out from the crowd with this cute performance. The program that they dance for says that “everyone is given (an) opportunity to contribute without discrimination.”

As the song continues, an older girl steps in and twirls around and flawlessly dances around the other seven girls. You can clearly see that each dancer has spent time, energy, and dedication to learn and memorize each move.

The moves grow along with the music and become more and more intense. It keeps you and the dancers, on your toes. Not only does this show a unique way to worship, but it also showcases that young people are bursting at the seams with talent.

Girls in Tutus Perform Dance to “You Raise Me Up” at Church