A girl’s toys kept disappearing at midnight, so her parents set up a camera to catch the thief!

It is perfectly normal to have a child who is frightened at bedtime. I know I was. The thing with me is that most of that fear was probably caused by myself. Back then, I liked to tell ghost stories at night with my friends. We would hang out at one of my friend’s houses and make up scary stories. Why? Well, I think we all liked the adrenaline rush we got.

Some of our stories were very realistic but after all, that’s all that they were, stories. By the time we finished, we each had told a scary story. The time to go home finally came and most of us were a little scared to do so. I remember one evening that we had just finished with our stories. My best friend and neighbor was about 4 years younger than me.

He got scared a lot easier and would ask me to walk him home on my way to my one house. I always agreed, and he felt relieved once he got to his house. I wasn’t that brave myself believe me. I too would get scared after dropping him off and would even run to my own home. I didn’t even want to look back, I just ran all the way there.

When I got home and got in my bed, I would also get scared. Sometimes I could swear I saw shadows reflected on my closet doors. This was, in fact, true. It was because we had a garden with a lot of trees and the tree branches moved and got reflected in the closet. There were more than a few times when I had to sleep with the light on. My father knew this and would go into my room to turn it off when that happened.

Something that reminded me of my own past happened to the Moser family and their two-year-old. They had been experiencing theft in the middle of the night. They didn’t know what was going on because they did not have any pets, either. At first, the parents suspected that her little brother was the author of these thefts, but her parents decided to dig in further.

Initially, her parents told her to lock her door. If someone had been getting inside, this would probably fix it. She locked her door, but the weirdest thing happened. Her toys continued to vanish with no explanation. The family started to get a little bit paranoid about the whole thing. Was this the case of a ghost? They decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the author of these thefts. You won’t believe what the camera recorded!