They Give This Murderer A Dog To Look After In Prison. Now Watch What He Does…

33 years ago Charles Couch committed an unforgivable crime. He discovered his wife with another man, and in a fit of rage, murdered both of them. For his crime he was sentenced to life in prison.

No one expects sympathy for a man like Couch, his decisions and choices are more and up in prison. But most people might think that man who could murder must be a horrible monster and that he could have no soft or compassionate elements. But when you see him with Honey, a rescue dog from the Paws in Prison program, you will rethink that assumption.

The Arkansas Department of Correction is bringing together dogs that are unruly with prisoners. You mostly that is a recipe for disaster, but in fact dog is only given to the most well-behaved prisoners who then train the dogs making them ready for adoption. This program has seen a marked drop in recidivism, for those prisoners who get parole, and has saved many dogs that would otherwise have been euthanized.

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