Why Give A Speech At Graduation When You Can Do THIS Instead

Most people’s graduations are done by the books. They stick to the same basic formula that was done by all the classes before and will be done by all the classes after. This is one of the biggest events in all of our lives, and yet we often find them boring and forget most of the event years later when we look back.

For these high school graduates, they were given an event that they will never forget. They were expecting the standard set of events, including a speech from 18 year-old JP Wallace, but he decided to do something a little different.

As Wallace walked onto the stage, music began to play. He began to sing the hit song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham, but before long it became clear that he had changed the lyrics to speak directly to the experiences that he had shared with his classmates over the last four years. This touching and personal moment moved the graduates that he was singing to, even sparking tears in many of their eyes.

This was an incredibly beautiful song made even more powerful by the shared memories of an entire high school. Watch this video and listen closely to these wonderful words. Be sure to share this with friends and let us know what you think.