He Gives This Monkey an Egg. Wait until You See What He Gets in Return

When we go traveling to foreign countries, we are often told to be aware of pickpockets. But as this fun video shows, you sometimes have to worry far more about the thieving intentions of the deceptively ‘cute’ wildlife! Animals stealing from you… surely not? You better believe it!

This video shows some very clever monkeys who are adept at stealing tons of important things from human visitors. They don’t cut us any slack because we’ve traveled there to see them either. They clearly don’t rate our intelligence very highly, though we were pleased to see that they admire human taste in footwear and accessories.


Unlike other creatures that steal food, these smart (and we think rather unnerving) monkeys actually snatch away your flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, and even electronic goods. The reason? Wait till you see this! You are going to LOVE it!

English naturalist, Chris Packham, shows these monkeys’ unbelievable ways in collaboration with the BBC’s recent TV series ‘World’s Sneakiest Animals.’ This series looks at various animals “that use deceptive tactics to find food.” Have monkeys got a sense of humor? Or do they just have absolutely no shame at all?

He Gives This Monkey an Egg. Wait until You See What He Gets in Return