He Gives A Monkey An Egg. Now See What The Animal Gives Him… Unbelievable!

One of the most common pieces of advice that people are given when traveling is to beware of pickpockets. And THIS monkey shows us exactly why. Usually, you’d expect only humans to participate in acts of treachery and crime, but the video below shows us a very particular and clever monkey who has found out a way to always get food without much trouble.

What’s more interesting about this video is the fact that the monkey doesn’t actually steal food from the people in it. The travelers that pass him by don’t usually have a whole lot of delicious food right there available for them to take, but they do have a lot of easy to grab goodies. The monkeys in the video are taking sandals, hats, and sunglasses for themselves, and there’s a very tricky reason behind it all.

A naturalist named Chris Packham was trying to instruct these animals in the art of stealing while collaborating with BBC’s “World’s Sneakiest Animals” team. Packham explains that instead of bothering to look for the food themselves, they simply take whatever they can, and they try to bargain with their human owners to get food in return from their goods. It’s brilliant!

Watch this tricky and smart monkeys for yourself in the video below!

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