He Gives The Monkey An Egg. But Pay Attention To What The Monkey Gives Back To Him! Amazing!

When we go to foreign countries, we are often told to be aware of pickpockets. But as this video shows, you sometimes have to worry about animals stealing from you as well! This video shows some very clever monkeys who are adept at stealing tons of important things from human travelers. Unlike other creatures that steal food, these smart monkeys actually snatch away your flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, and even electronic goods. The reason? Wait till you see this!

English naturalist, Chris Packham, shows these monkeys’ unbelievable ways in collaboration with BBC’s World’s Sneakiest Animals. This series looks at various animals “that use deceptive tactics to find food.” You won’t be able to believe yourself when you see this! This is mind-boggling!

I believe he’s walking around Gibraltar, where the monkeys are famous for stealing various items from tourists. Most people are warned before they come to hide any food items well and not to feed the monkeys. Apparently, the monkeys found out about this and thought up a clever way to get food from tourists anyway.

By stealing their valuables, like phones and sunglasses, they actually hold the items hostage and when the tourists try to get them back, it only works if they give them food. And I guess some of them can be quite picky about what they eat! Watch what happens when Packman’s phone gets stolen. You won’t believe what he has to do to get it back.

Watch this incredible footage below! Can you believe this? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section!

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