She Gives Her Two Birds Something They’ve Never Seen Before, And Their Reaction Is Hilarious

While it’s true that cats and dogs will probably reign the pet world forever, as the time passes by, there are more and more people who choose the more unorthodox or… strange pets. If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about, refer to the video below, where you will see one of the weirdest but also most charming and interesting bird pets you could ever imagine.

In the following video, you will meet a pet owner who decided to take the exotic pet game up a notch, adopting one of the strangest pets you could imagine. It’s an emu! It’s especially impressive because they are actually the second largest bird species in the world! She’s only six months old, but these ostrich and emu friends are already standing as tall as a teenager. Some people think there really isn’t much difference between an ostrich and an emu, but they are really quite different.

The YouTube user Camels and Friends posted this video to showcase just a part of his impressive amount of animal friends who live with him in his farm. He hopes to eventually open up an animal petting zoo so that all of his animals can play with the kids! These hilarious birds are surely going to be the stars of every show, don’t you think? They are quite the performers as you will see in this video.

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