Gladiator And Dog Perform Amazing Dance Routine Together! WOW!

Thierry Thomas and his dog Ubac have been dancing together for years now; but back in 2012 at the Crufts dog show, they performed one of the most entertaining things you could ever dream to see in your entire life!

The art and sport of the professional dog dancing circuit is finally getting the respect it deserves. These human and dog dancing duos train months and months for just one routine. Some of the dog’s moves are so complicated that it can take a whole year before a team can truly deem it “locked in.”

Watch the video and you’ll easily see how devastatingly intelligent Ubac the dog is. He has been trained to run away from his master to perform a little trick all on his own before he knew to run back to Thomas! What a smart little pooch! At the 2:30 mark, when Ubac runs away to attack the lions? Our jaws honestly dropped!

When the gladiator scene is finally over, this sizzling team bows to the roaring crowd and happily runs off of the stage. It’s amazing to see how trusting Thomas is of Ubac and how well taken care of the sweet little dog is. Thomas is obviously keeping his amazing partner in amazing shape, and with a dance routine like that, it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most respected dog dancing teams in the whole world!

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