Glady’s The Baby Gorilla Gets A New Mom! You Won’t Believe How Happy She Is!

Sometimes birth mothers reject their babies in the animal world. If these babies are abandoned, what awaits them is certain death. This is the story of Gladys, the western lowland gorilla. She was abandoned by her birth mother and had to be taken in by a team of ten surrogate humans. Her caretakers accompanied her 24/7, fed her and played with her for three months! They tried to teach her all that they knew about gorilla behavior so she could be reintroduced into a gorilla community. The team was unsure of the end result, but they had no other choice but to try their hardest and hope for the best!

The day came when Gladys was introduced to her new surrogate mom, M’linzi, and the experiment turned out to be a great success!  The team was overjoyed but at the same time felt a sense of sadness, their little baby was going away! However amongst the bittersweet goodbye they were immensely satisfied that their hard work was able to provide Gladys a normal and excellent gorilla life!

On the video below you can see how Gladys is enjoying her new mama and life with her band and family!

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