‘Gladys Knight and The Pips’ perform at military hospital on ‘Ed Sullivan’

In 1970, Ed Sullivan did a broadcast of his popular variety show from a military hospital. This heartfelt effort lifted everyone’s spirits. Ed brought his band and invited ‘Gladys Knight & The Pips.’

Ed introduces the group as one of the acts he frequently uses on his show because they are one of the greatest acts in show business. The group enters to wild applause while Sullivan’s band plays a great groove.

Gladys begins talking to the soldiers and doctors about a recent love affair. She describes how she had a man, but he decided to go ‘girl-watching.’ Then, she invites the audience to sing a couple choruses of the Beatles’ iconic hit ‘Hey Jude.’

The band transitions into ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine.’ The soulful groove is the perfect background for Gladys’ amazing voice. ‘The Pips’ do their part too! They sing and dance with some great harmonies and smooth moves.

Gladys again encourages the crowd to sing along with them. She does some ‘call and response’ singing to get everyone involved. ‘The Pips’ help with the first rounds of the sing-along, but then the audience joins in on their part.

To see this fantastic performance in a military hospital is very inspiring. The performers are giving their all to these wounded soldiers, and it is a wonderful moment in TV history.

The soldiers and doctors are clapping and singing along with Gladys. She delivers an electrifying performance with ‘The Pips’ rocking the backup singing and dancing. They dance their way down the hall and out of the hospital room during one of the most unique ‘Sullivan’ broadcasts ever.

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