The Rhinestone Cowboy Brings Chills With His Glorious Bagpipe Solo of ‘Amazing Grace’

Glen Campbell on BagpipesHailed as the “Rhinestone Cowboy”, country music legend Glen Campbell is renowned for his ability with a variety of musical instruments. His phenomenal skill with the guitar has led to many acknowledgments and prestigious awards. He was the first-ever country artist to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Guitar Museum.

It is less widely known, however, that his skills with some more iconic instruments extend to mastery of the banjo and the bagpipes!

Glen Campbell on Bagpipes

In this superb rendition of the classic hymn, “Amazing Grace”, Campbell keeps us spellbound with his marvelous voice interspersed with short bagpipe solos. This must be among the most beautiful renditions of the song ever recorded.

“Amazing Grace” was written by John Newton, a ship’s captain caught out at sea in a terrifying storm. As a slave trader, he realized the error of his ways and promised the Lord he would follow the righteous path if he was delivered from certain death. He followed through on his words and became an ardent abolitionist.

This is surely one of the most powerful and stirring songs ever written, promising redemption and forgiveness, full of sorrow and hope for a better way.

Today it is still one of our most treasured hymns and the inclusion of the bagpipes in a performance of the hymn serves to further enhance the feeling of poignancy and hope that it evokes.

Glen Campbell’s rendition, with his beautiful voice accompanied by the soulful skirl of the bagpipes brings chills to us all from the moment he begins. Play the video and you will agree, The Rhinestone Cowboy was truly up there among the greatest country artists we have ever been blessed with.

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The Rhinestone Cowboy Brings Chills With His Glorious Bagpipe Solo of ‘Amazing Grace’