Glen Campbell performs his outstanding final song and brings happy tears to these old eyes of mine

Born on April of 1936 in the state of Arkansas, Glen Campbell was one of the best country singers of all times. At a very young age, he showed a unique talent for the country music, when he was 4 years old his father bought him a Sears and Roebuck guitar to encourage him in following his dreams. Within a few years and due to the hard financial condition of his family, he started appearing as a paid act and performing guest spots on local radio stations.

At the age of 14 he dropped out school to start his music career and ten years later he recorded his first single, this won the attention of the Capitol Records company that immediately signed him. From this point forward almost everything was a great success for him, making a lot of performances all around the U.S. and showing everybody the talent he got in him. He was awarded 4 Grammys in the Country and Pop category and in 2005 he resulted elected for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately some years later Glen was diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease and after a while, the legendary country star passed away at the age of 81 in his beloved Nashville, Tennessee. He left behind a whole legacy of music for the future generations to come.

By the time he was diagnosed with the disease, he decided to record more material and hit the road one last time before his condition got any worse, it was a farewell tour and the fans enjoyed every piece of it until the end when he finally retired. Afterwards and despite the severe symptoms of his illness he managed to write down one final song, it was called “I’m Not Going to Miss You” but he never got the chance to perform it to others outside of his family circle. The song was based on the devastating effects of the Alzheimer disease and at the same time expressed profound feelings about the love he had for his wife and family.

Shannon, the son of Glen Campbell decided to make a music video performing his father’s song as a commemorative act to say goodbye to the legend and close this chapter of his life. The video was recorded at Campbell’s house and showed Shannon leading the group as a main singer and guitar player. Eli Bishop was on the violin and Cam Brousseau handling the percussion. Although the song was written by Glenn, his son used the lyrics as his own words to say farewell to his father.

It takes a lot of courage and a big heart to keep writing even if you are ill, there’s no doubt that Glenn had a special talent for the music. Take a look at Glen’s final goodbye made by his wonderful son Shannon.