Mom With a Voice Like Whitney Houston Sings Power Ballad and Shocks Everyone With Her Performance.

It was dramatic, passionate, rafter-shaking night when Glennis Grace walked on stage and brought all of the judges to their feet with another stellar performance that will leave you shouting, “Encore!”

You, of course, remember Glennis as the 39-year-old mom who sounds EXACTLY like Whitney Houston when she blew the roof off the house singing Whitney’s own classic so well, it was shocking.

Now Glennis hits another home run with this show-stopping performance of “Run” by Snow Patrol (below).  She was inspired by the presence of her son, who was watching from the Dolby Theatre audience for the first time. Her voice, stage presence, charisma, and everything about her screams “major talent”. Just watch and brace yourself:

The ever-critical judge Simon Cowell said, “Oh my God, Glennis, that was absolutely sensational. That was seriously fantastic. Look, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with you after the show, Glennis, but I know they’re making a musical version of ‘The
Greatest Showman’ and if I were one of the producers I would be auditioning you right now for a big part in that because that’s where your career is heading. I was thinking; I have loved tonight so much, I can’t believe we’re being paid to do this. This is the greatest night, and that was immaculate.”

Howie Mandel said, “You know, I’m at a loss for words. Your son was sitting in my seat [in the pre-taped segment] and what did he say? He said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ And he is absolutely right. I know that you have a career in your country. This stage has just given you a career in the world. I thought that was beautiful.”

Heidi Klum praised her by saying, “I think your voice is absolutely incredible. For me, this was another flawless performance. And I think that you are the real deal. You really are.”

In his “AGT” live blog, Denton Davidson had this to say about the performance: “Up next is Dutch singer Glennis Grace, who makes it clear that being a mother is her top priority. She’s thrilled her son will be in the audience tonight and hopes to win for him. Looking ravishing in a short black and white skirt, Glennis’ voice soars as she sings ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol. Her vocals are so effortlessly powerful; she blows me away each time she sings. This is by far her best performance of the season, and I love that she owns a song I’ve never heard before. It was dramatic, passionate, rafter-shaking perfection. Bravo Glennis! Wow! The judges are all on their feet.”

The Dutch-born singer had her shining moment with this amazing performance. After the show, she reached out to fans on social media. “Someone pinch me! WOW! Did I just sing in the Finals of @AGT?!? I can’t thank everyone enough for all your love & support!”

“Glennis doesn’t do the standard popular songs which everyone knows, she takes a risk, and that makes her more original than the to that she sings flawlessly… I think she deserves to win!”, commented one fan.

Another passionate YouTube viewer shared, “My goodness. What a voice and performance! She looks astonishingly beautiful. Her vocal techniques, power, and range are so much better than most of the ‘studio’ pop singers nowadays.”

We agree completely. She has a lovely name and a WOW factor as well. Why on earth doesn’t she perform in Las Vegas already? I have said this before, and I would say it again loud and clear: This amazing woman will be going places. Now that the world has sampled her stunning voice, they’re going to demand more.