This Gliding Spiders Are Nightmare Fuel! I Never Knew They Could Do THAT!

Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias all over the world. And it’s not hard to know why; some species of spiders are amongst the most venomous animals in the world, and even when they don’t have poison, they never fail to intimidate with their unique appearance. But sometimes, these unsettling animals have some tricks that sound taken right from a horror movie. Like the spiders shown in the video, who have the peculiar ability to glide. Yes, you read that right, glide.

They are naturally found in South America, and they have the ability to turn themselves up mid-air to glide, and use their slender bodies to glide across the air. In order to test their abilities, the scientists in the video dropped them from heights of around 70 feet, and these guys were able to take flight and hang on to trees from there. It looks absolutely unreal! As if people needed more reasons to be afraid of spiders, now the danger can come from above!

Watch this nerve-wrecking video just below. Are you spooked yet? I sure am! Leave us your opinions and thoughts on this interesting animal in the comment section!

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