G’ma Is Terrified Of Getting On Escalator, Then She Feels Someone Grab Her Hand…

Many years ago, people believed in doing a good deed a day. The thinking behind this was that every day we should take time to do well to other people. Instead of focusing on ourselves we need to think about others. Every day we see people in distress. From people who are blind and can’t make it to the other side of the street, to someone who needs a hand with his bags at the supermarket.

It doesn’t take that much effort or that much time. But it can leave a lasting impression in the other person. There have been some groups advocating for these types of campaigns. To bring honorable deeds back and make them current. This is starting in schools with programs that teach kids values. Why would someone go out of their way to lend a hand to someone else? Well, the reason is simple: because it is good to do good. Have you tried reaching out to someone who is in need and feel the spiritual rewards you get?

We’ve seen videos of people who had saved dogs for example. There was a young man in Australia that had gone to a pier to scatter his grandmother’s ashes. His grandmother loved that pier and he figured it would be a proper resting place for her. When he was about to scatter her ashes, he sees a very small dog trying to paddle his way back to safety.

The currents were very strong and the dog was very small. The more she tried the less she seemed to be getting anywhere. Her owner was devastated because she couldn’t swim. It was very frustrating for her to see her dog start to disappear from her sight. The worst thing was that she couldn’t do anything about it. So, the young man jumps in after taking off his pants and shoes. He rescues the dog, and brings her to safety. The owner was relieved and thrilled. These are the acts of kindness that I’m talking about. Acting selflessly for the good of others.

One day, Carma is out shopping with her granddaughters not knowing she will need a hero. Carma suffers from a condition called polymyalgia. With this condition, she’s afraid of stepping into elevators and escalators. She feels that she is going to fall and the fear petrifies her. She is about to get on the escalator when she suddenly freezes. She is noticeably afraid of the escalator and strangers around her don’t seem to care. They get upset and feel that she’s holding up the line.

They get on the escalator and kind of push her out of the way. A young man by the name of Alujwyon Williams is in the same shopping center. When he sees Carma struggling to get on the escalator he knows he needs to go there and help. He approaches her and asks her to hold onto his hand. Then, he tells her to take one step the instant he takes one step. She does and finally is able to get on the escalator. The whole thing is recorded by her granddaughter. She posted it on Facebook wishing to thank him and gets a response. Wait until you see what it was!