They Go Fishing And What Bursts Out Of The Water Makes This One Exciting Fishing Trip

Some people may actually be scared of this boat trip that was captured on camera, but the guys in this video were having the time of their life and seemed to enjoy the surprise they experienced when they took the fishing boat out for the day. The videographer accompanied by his brothers, nephews and a friend to go fishing down a small drainage ditch near the flooded Spoon River in West Central Illinois. There were actually a lot of surprises jumping out of the water, rather aggressively and quickly. The critter that ended up in their boat sure did have a lot of friends.

One of the boys in the video was so terrified that he hid the whole time. The videographer wrote “The funniest part is that Matthew, my youngest nephew, is curled up in the foetal position in the front of the boat the entire time, and you never see him!” But the others actually look like they are having a good time, especially the driver of the boat. You’ve got to watch their totally crazy experience! I know I wouldn’t want to be slimed by any of these creatures jumping out of the water, but it does seem like a unique experience.

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