Go On An Incredible Walk With The Lion Whisperer, Bobcat & Gabby

Out of the many lions in his park, Bobcat and Gabby are the easiest to transport, loving the attention of their caring guardian, The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson. Taking his two big cats to stretch their legs before moving enclosures is fun for all.

Bobcat and Gabby are two of the most loving lions you’ll ever meet. The Lion Whisperer takes them for a little fun, exercise, and bonding, and you won’t believe just how lovable, playful & energetic these two massive cats are.

Gabby instantly shows her affection by playing with Kevin. The giant cutie knocks him over just as Kevin predicted. As he soon explains, this lioness is full of energy and often eager to play.

Just wait until you see Bobcat getting his share of the bouncy fun and games. There’s no escaping the mischievous Gabby when she’s in a good mood! There is no one quite like The Lion Whisperer and his feline friends. This is incredible.