They Go To The Park To Catch Some Sun. Now Watch Who Greets Them Instead. WHOA!

You go to the beach or park with your significant other and you’re laying there, just catching rays. Your eyes are closed and you’re this close to falling asleep, though you really shouldn’t because the last time you did, you got the WORST burn. Then you hear your S.O. murmur, “Dear.” You say, “Yes?” “Dear!” Exasperated, you open your eyes and you see that he’s not saying, “Dear”, he’s saying, “DEER!” A very affectionate deer is nuzzling him and lavishing him with attention.

Sound like something out of a movie? No, this really happened and it was caught on video. A young deer wandered out the park and perhaps something about the guy’s scent got its attention. It was rubbing its head against him, much like when a cat wants to put its scent on you. The only concern was that its antlers might scratch him. There was no fear in its eyes. What a cute situation, right? Not exactly.

This story doesn’t have a happy ending, though. Wildlife officials determined that this was abnormal behavior by the deer and thought it would present a risk by being too friendly to humans. The deer was euthanized. I mean, I can understand their thinking… to an extent. Yes, the deer would be dangerous as it got older and bigger and it could have inadvertently gored someone. Still, they couldn’t have tranquilized and moved it to a nature preserve or some kind of zoo?

Poor deer. It’s being friendly and then those it’s killed by those who it wants to connect with. There’s just something messed up, karma-wise, about that. If the deer had been aggressive and wanting to fight with the guy, that’s one thing. Put it down. But this… this just puts a sour taste in my mouth after seeing the sweetness of the video. Sometimes, learning about the aftermath just doesn’t pay…

This video left me feeling good at first, but not so great afterward. What did you think? Leave a comment!

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