Goat Sheep Escapes From Her Pen. Wait. “Goat Sheep”?

Animals escape from their homes all the time. Sometimes they return home or are found shortly thereafter. Others become strays and live on the land the rest of their lives. Others, sadly, can’t handle it and die. Then others get pregnant and give birth… usually to members of their own species. This story in this video is JUST a little different.

A female sheep got loose from her holding area and got amorous with a goat. That’s not too bad, they are somewhat related. If she had mated with, say, a bear, then things would be REALLY weird. What would they call it? Shear? Beep? Instead, the female sheep gave birth to a part-sheep/part-goat calf. It’s called a geep or a shoat. First discovered in 2000, it’s got the face and front part of a goat and the wool of a sheep. A unique sight to behold, indeed. She’s at a petting zoo in Arizona and her name is Butterfly.

The public may first express distaste at this union, but then again, as mentioned before, they are related. This is not a scenario where one would want to scrub bleach in their brain to make them forget ever seeing it. It’s not like Butterfly was born with three heads or anything like that. There are a lot worse pairings that could ever happen, but I won’t describe them since you might be eating while reading this.

I’m glad that Arizona petting zoo is showing off Butterfly. There’s nothing for her to be ashamed of. She’s friendly and loves to be pet – which is a good thing since she is in a PETTING zoo, after all. It wouldn’t be fair for people to shun her, especially since she wouldn’t understand why people were ignoring her. Just appreciate her for being as unique as she is.

After further examination, I declare Butterfly to be VERY cute. What do you think? Leave us a comment below.

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