This goat spots a puppy under a tree. What he does next? LOL… I wasn’t expecting that!

It is really incredible to watch friendship between different species and the internet has given that opportunity to us. We have seen many videos of unlikely friends breaking all the rules of nature and just enjoying the moment as they went. This video is one of them and it features a sprout of the friendship between a baby goat and little pups.

Apparently this little goat named Pipsqueak is keen on making friends and searches the whole barn to find one. After some strolling around, Pipsqueak spots a group of tiny puppies playing with each other. But when Pipsqueak approaches them with his friendly manner, he gets rejected. Poor Pipsqueak gets depressed. However, he need not be. Snowflake, one of the puppies in an instant takes liking of Pipsqueak and approaches him to invite him to play.

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