He Goes To The To Get A Snack And Returns To Find Tissues EVERYWHERE, But Who Did It?

Dog owners will nod their heads at this one. They get home from a long day of work and find that their place looks like blind, clumsy burglars ransacked it with their teeth. The culprit is easy to find if there’s only one pet. But if there’s more, then it takes a little detective work to figure out who did it. Sometimes the guilty one will come forward with his or her tail tucked, but other times it takes a little figuring out. Like this video.

It’s shown from the perspective of the dad. He comes home and finds what seems to be an exploded box of tissues on the ground. He lingers on it a bit with the camera and then focuses on the first dog, a Maltese. He asks her if she did it. She doesn’t seem guilty. Hmmm. Looks like he’ll have to investigate further, so he turns the camera to the other dog – and here’s where I just lost it and nearly woke up my family with my laughing – who has his head in the box of tissues and can’t get it off. Yup. I think the case is now solved, Sherlock. Yes, it has, Watson.

What really makes the video is that the dad is deadpan the whole time. Surely he knows who did it from the very second that he walks in the door, but he decides to film it this way, like a little mini-detective story. He’s also a stronger man than me because I’d be snorting like a pig with a cold the moment I saw the dog with the tissue box on his head. It’s like when I watch a sit-com and wonder how on Earth these actors can keep a straight face (hint: multiple takes).

It’s clear that the dogs are not really in trouble. Dad reaches down and takes the box off the dog’s head and both rush up to be pet. Kudos to him for making what’s an annoyance for dog owners into an amusing video. Really, all we can do is laugh because the dogs don’t remember what they did anyway…

I needed tissues myself at the end of this video – to wipe away my tears of laughter. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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