He Goes To Do His Job With Neck Brace And Sling, Then Tells Us Why He’s Working After Accident

A young American, who has a full life ahead to live. Last November he had a serious accident.  This causes to Jakeem an awful neck brace, a sling, and in considerably deep pain and a lot of discomfort.

Many other kids of his age would have taken advantage of the situation to leave their work and complete their recovery at home in a more comfortable and resting environment, being in bed all day. But it is just in this aspect that this wonderful young boy is different from the rest.

Last December 8, A client came to the Chick-Fill-A. She was Cameron Nelson. When she entered to the store, she carefully observed that there was a young boy in the cash register working with many different medical devices that were connected around her body. Cameron could not believe the incredible ability of this young kid, his responsibility at such a young age, not caring about the discomfort or pain he might be feeling. For this young man, his work was important.

The client comments that she had never met a person of that age so responsible, that despite his condition he was fulfilling his duties. Mention that many are waiting for the least opportunity to run home and leave the work abandoned. She was very surprised because she thinks that this young man could have been resting quietly in the comfort of his home instead of working.

Cameron asked the boy, who had happened to him and asked what he was doing in that place instead of being at home recovering. The answer that Jakeem gave her left her totally surprised.

“This young man told me that he had suffered an accident a few days ago, but that his goal was to raise money to feed the homeless at Christmas” and his response left me stunned.

Jakeem made such a big impression on Cameron that she posted her story on Facebook and started a donation campaign to help him. The goal of collecting $ 2500 became a $ 43,000 collection.

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