When He Goes Outside to Feed His Dogs, I Never Expected Them to Do THIS

What animal doesn’t enjoy feeding time? As soon as a pet hears the crinkle of the food bag or the can opener cutting open their food can, they come running as fast as they can. So when this man opens up the gate, the dogs know instantly that it’s dinner time. And their reaction, which is caught on camera, is absolutely priceless!

The man walks outside holding about half a dozen bowls of dog food. He is greeted by a swarm of dogs that includes several golden retrievers plus other breeds. And when he turns to face the wall, the dogs all line up. They then obediently sit down and wait for the owner to place their food bowls down on the ground so they can dig in and devour everything. He places each bowl of food down one at a time. And not one single dog moves. They are so well behaved they can actually wait to eat.

But when he gives the signal at the 49-second mark? You’ll burst out laughing. Those dogs don’t wait a second longer and every single one of them instantly goes for their bowls.

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