She Goes In To Have A Shower But What Her Cats Do? This Will Leave You In Hysterics!

Some pet owners are familiar with animal anxiety. There are things that humans do that baffle our four legged friends. They sometimes just give us a confused look, show their disapproval or just implore us not to carry out a certain activity. In this video, we see two animals that seem to be doing just that!

It’s well documented that cats do not like water or showers. But I have never seen that aversion to water played out like this before! Sharon is the mother of two Siamese cats who go crazy whenever she is taking a shower! The reasons for their behavior are unknown, but they make quite a racket when she steps in to the shower! Poor Sharon cannot get peace of mind in the one place that you would expect to!

Perhaps her cats’ fear of water makes them think she is in trouble when she is in water. I wonder if she’s ever tried taking a bath instead of a shower to see how they would react. These two cats follow her into the bathroom and make the worst racket the entire time she’s in the shower! They walk around as if they are clearly in distress.

These cats even wait for her at the door of the shower, looking through the door, putting their front feet on the door as if they are trying to climb it. Then they climb on the towel shelf as if they are going to attempt to jump into the shower with her to rescue her! It’s astounding!

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