“Golden Girl” Betty White Snacks On Marshmallows With A Big Brown Bear

We all know Betty White as the loveable and wholesome character Rose Nyland from the classic television series Golden Girls. Now, Netflix made an emotional documentary about her life and career called First Lady of Television.

In a clip from the documentary, co-workers, friends, and even zookeepers tell touching tales of Berry’s love for animals. The Hollywood star says, “That’s my life. The reason I work, the reason I do anything is for my love for animals.”

White’s friend Georgia Engle says Betty likes to call herself an advocate, not an activist because there’s a big difference between them. Her passion for the animal kingdom is what she’d like to be remembered for most.

A giant brown bear named Bam Bam sits cozily next to Betty at the Los Angeles Zoo. She’s even brave enough to give him a big ol’ smooch on the nose, and the bond between the wild beast and the legendary beauty is undeniable.