“Golden Girl” Dorothy’s funniest dates with Miami’s most doubtful bachelors

NBC smash-hit sitcom “The Golden Girls” had one of the most excellent casts. Betty White played the hilariously childlike Rose Nylund and lived with her, young at heart, housemates. Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, played by Dorothy Zbornak, and Dorothy’s mother, Sophia Petrillo, was played by Estelle Getty. The sitcom had a comical approach to how these senior women dealt with their lives.

In one of the glorious seasons of “The Golden Girls,” Dorothy went on with some of the funniest dates with different bachelors in Miami. The happy Dorothy dressed up for her date. Her 2 roommates asked her why Sophia replied, “There is only one thing that can make her happy.” To this, Rose responded, “You are going to Shady Pines?” To which Sophia corrected her and said, “No, you moron, she has a date.” The two roommates could not believe that she could have a date on a Saturday night. She proudly responded that she was dating Dr. Lee Kagan. However, Blanche couldn’t think how Dr. Lee Kagan could date Dorothy instead of her. After returning from the date, she told everyone about it. She was happy to have had a wonderful time with him. Blanche was shocked and asked for more details. But Dorothy was shy and decided to keep the details to herself.

Her second date was a blind date with Jack. The blind date was fixed by her mom. Dorothy liked how the man spoke on the phone and decided to meet him. However, when Jack dropped her home after their date, she found out that he was a white-collar criminal and her mom had contacted a match-maker.

Frank, the third man interested in Dorothy, had met her at an ‘Opportunities Fair.’ They instantly got along and had a wonderful time chatting together. She confidently invited him over for dinner, which Frank gladly accepted. Blanche opened the door and found a man dressed in a black robe. She found out that the man her roommate was interested in, to her disbelief, was a priest. When Dorothy entered the room, she was shocked to see Frank dressed as a priest and asked him if that was a ‘Nehru Jacket.’

Dorothy met her childhood crush, Ted, at the lounge on her fourth date and danced with him. They were reminiscing about the past when her ex-husband disrupted their conversation. He told her that Ted might ask her to marry him, as he had booked 2 tickets to Acapulco. However, she later found out that Ted had booked the tickets for himself and a flight stewardess. Furthermore, he wanted Dorothy’s help to babysit her two kids. She was upset but gracefully exited the awkward situation by telling everyone about Ted’s secret that he was impotent.

Dorothy met Raymond and got romantically involved with him. They got along quite nicely. But her mom, Sophia tagged along everywhere the two went. As a result, the couple could not spend time together and later parted ways because of Dorothy’s mother.

Blanche’s Uncle Lucas was the next candidate for Dorothy’s blind date. The two were not ready to have a conversation. However, Dorothy decided to come out with her thoughts. She told Lucas she came to the blind date because Blanche said he was dying to meet her. Lucas interrupted the conversation and said Blanche told him the same thing about her. So the two decide to punish her by faking that they are getting married. When her uncle proposed to Dorothy, the look on Blanche’s face showed they had succeeded in taking perfect revenge.

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