Golden Retriever amazes audience with funny antics at dog competition

This cute golden retriever wasn’t letting any treats pass him by

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, and this is with good reason. In a dog, you will find a friend and a protector all in one. They are a source of unending happiness.

Dogs have never really never been the ones to judge and will give you unconditional love and loyalty as long as you feed them. We have all heard the expression, “be the person your dog believes you are.”

Dogs can, however, misbehave at times and be a little naughty. More like little kids. You cant expect them to be perfect. After all, who said getting a dog would be easy.

This cute golden retriever wasn’t letting any treats pass him by

This adorable golden retriever was taking part in a dog competition, and although he had himself a wonderful time, his human did get a little embarrassed in the end.

The main goal of the competition was for the dogs to go to their human when called. The tricky part was that the path was full of treats and toys, so the dog had to have a lot of control.

This retriever had other plans in mind. When he was called, he made sure to at least take a bite off of each treat and play with every toy on the way.

However much the retriever’s human might have been embarrassed by the funny antics, her furry companion sure had a blast. This was one of those opportunities you never let pass.

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