Golden Retriever and baby bunnies meet adorable budgie for the first time

Golden Retriever, baby bunnies, and budgie

Bailey, the Golder Retriever, is a typical dog with some unusual friends. Bailey’s patience and welcoming spirit go unmatched in this adorable video.

Baby bunnies and budgie

Bailey, two baby bunnies, and a budgie are a triple treat of cuteness when it’s time for a little bit of lighthearted play. If anyone is wondering, the budgie is the tiny bird in the video.

Golden Retrievers like Bailey are known for their unique ability to hunt small animals like birds and rabbits—this is not true for Bailey. In fact, Bailey enjoys the companionship of his tiny friends.

Baby bunnies and budgie

Watching these species interact is absolutely amazing. While the relationship between the three is surprising, perhaps the most fantastic part of this video is the patience and trust from the bird, budgie.

Budgie is utterly unfazed by the attention and touching coming from the bunnies and Bailey. Typically, birds are skittish, especially around more notable species than them.

Golden Retriever, baby bunnies and budgie

Bailey is wholly engulfed in the playfulness of the bunnies and budgie as she constantly wags her tail and joins in. She is gentle and understands the mannerisms of these creatures.

This adorable video can be parallel to mankind. Even though we may be different from one another—that doesn’t mean that love, care, and affection can’t exist in our relationships.

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Golden Retriever and baby bunnies meet adorable budgie for the first time