Beautiful Golden Retriever, eight lively birds, & chubby hamster are BFFs

Recently a dog named Bob, living in São Paulo, Brazil, had become an internet sweetheart because of his gentle and friendly behavior towards his pet siblings. The Golden Retriever, eight lively birds, and a chubby hamster had become best buddies.

The dog was a gentle giant for his tiny little pet siblings. Bob would take them out for a walk, play, and sleep with them. The owner had done a fantastic job in raising all his pets together.

The little birds were so comfortable with Bob that they could even sit near him relaxedly. The lively birds loved to snuggle with their dog sibling and even fell asleep while resting their body near his nose.

Even the chubby hamster couldn’t resist the cuteness of the Golden Retriever dog and found himself snuggling with his dog friend. Their owner was very proud of his pet dog and couldn’t stop hugging him.

The Golden Retriever, the pet birds, and a hamster couldn’t stop with their shenanigans all day long. The hamster loved teasing the gentle giant and climbed on his nose, which irritated his friend.

However, Bob was so gentle and caring that he would silently watch the hamster and do nothing. The pet birds and the dog had a fantastic bond, all thanks to the training of their wonderful owner’s dedication and love for his pets.

Bob, the Golden Retriever dog, was one of the most lovable and friendly dogs. He had a fantastic relationship and lived in great harmony with the other animals & birds in his beautiful home.

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