Golden Retriever can play the wind chimes and sing her way to your heart

Bleu is a golden retriever that has a hidden talent or two. She might have a few fans and even some dogs that are jealous of her.

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your day, you’ll love this multi-talented golden retriever. Bleu is a 4-year-old dog that just might be one of the most talented canines we’ve seen yet.

She can play the wind chimes. But not only that, she can also sing.

Bleu’s discovery of wind chimes was a complete accident. When she was smaller, she accidentally bumped into a set of them and began to play with them constantly.

When she started playing with them, she picked up a new talent as well. She started to sing.

Now, Bleu does it every time she’s near a set of wind chimes. And she can put on a show for the ages.