This Golden Retriever Display Team Will Leave You Speechless!

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds among dog enthusiasts in general. More specifically, Goldens are known to be great service animals, their great love for learning new things and their genuine happiness at pleasing their humans makes them perfect for this task. I believe we can agree that golden retriever a huge ball of fur, fun and love!
The dogs featured in the video below give us an excellent performance and showcase all the golden retrievers’ strengths!  These 16 are the absolute “cream of the crop” when it comes to obedience talents, and more than anything they enjoy to  show off their talents to the world, especially if they get some doggy treats for their troubles!

These are the members from the display team and they follow every command with all the intensity and precision of a silent drill team! The focus they exhibit, considering they are following specific orders while being surrounded by huge crowd, and to the beat of the music!

They act as extension of their human, who rewards them win little treats throughout the show. The human-dog bond is extremely palpable an rewarding. So now, treat yourself to this adorable instance of doggy showmanship!

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