“What This Golden Retriever Survived To Find A Loving Home Is Almost Unthinkable!”

This is Hero, and he is a beautiful Golden Retriever. To look at him now no one would ever guess that at one time Hero along with many other dogs lived on the streets of Istanbul where they struggled to survive.

To hear the story of a Golden Retriever being abandoned let alone 35 other dogs them which is the case in Hero’s story it almost seems unimaginable. In certain countries including the United States the Golden Retriever is considered one of the most sought after breed of dogs. Why because of its gentle nature with those they love but still have the acute ability to be a good watch dog.

This breed has also seems to take easily to training and has been used in many rescue along with service dog capacity.

So, just knowing there are countries like Istanbul where such a breed of dog is taken for granted may seem cruel to some of us.

Fortunately for Hero and his friends there is a non profit organization known as Adopt a Golden Atlanta who took the dogs from the streets of Istanbul to the United States. Once state side it didn’t take much time for them to find homes.

Hero even found one despite having a bad leg due to his years on the streets. Now Hero has a new home and family, his previous life nothing more then a bad memory.

So, watch Hero’s story and let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/v5imaumAmo0