Golden Retriever is perplexed by a kitten in his bed

Golden Retriever and kitten

Animals can express their emotions even if they can’t speak. Bailey, the Golden Retriever dog, is one of the kindest, the cutest Golden Retriever who lives with his owner Taras in Spain.

Bailey is pretty much in shock when he sees Simon, the kitten, sleeping in his bed. The kitten Simon would not leave Bailey’s bed and is not scared of him at all.

Bailey’s bed is a comfortable dog’s bed, and Simon loves the soft and comfortable feel. He does not want to sleep in another place. Bailey is unhappy to see Simon lying and relaxing on his bed and barking at him, showing his displeasure.

Golden Retriever and kitten

Simon is not scared of Bailey. Instead, Simon tries to scare Bailey with his hisses. Bailey is unhappy by this sight and topples the bed upside down. However, even this can’t move the kitten away from Bailey’s bed.

Bailey circles around the bed and pushes the kitten out of his comfortable bed, but all his attempts go in vain as Simon does not even move an inch. Finally, he loses all hope.

The exhausted Golden Retriever Bailey sits down quietly by the side of his bed and pants continuously. His facial expression shows that he is not happy as his bed is now occupied by the kitten.

After some time, Bailey again tries to occupy his bed but still does not want to be mean by pushing away Simon. Later, Simon climbs on Bailey’s back and snuggles with the Golden Retriever. This shows how close these two animals are to each other, even if they have small fights.

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